Green Smoke Review

Green Smoke is one of the best ecig companies in the market. Instead of the more standard electronic cigarette with three pieces which were more commonly used, this one only involves adding the cartridge of flavor and the battery. When it was introduced, it changed the market for electronic cigarettes, and allows smokers to light up faster. While many companies now offer a similar design, this was revolutionary at the time.

There are some notable distinctions between Green Smoke electronic cigarettes and other brands. Taking a drag allows smokers to bring in a lot of vapor, which feels more like smoking a traditional cigarette. The flavors are also very true, which may offer a more satisfactory experience for those transitioning to smoking electronic cigarettes. There are many flavors to choose from, with more traditional ones like Tobacco Red Label to exciting new flavors like Vanilla Dreams. These can be purchased online, and those interested in trying all of them can get packages including many different flavors. Other brands may offer some more flavors, but there are many strengths to choosing Green Smoke as well.

This is also an electronic cigarette which can be customized based on the strength of the cigarette. There are stronger and weaker versions of these, so that smokers can get the experience that they are looking for. There are also a variety of other ways that smokers can take advantage of this electronic cigarette, including getting some of the accessories that go with it. There are car chargers, so that smokers don’t have to worry about running out of battery life while they are on the go. Another unique option offered is several different sizes of batteries. There are longer ones which allow people to go longer without having to charge their cigarette.

Those who are worried about buying one of these without having tried any electronic cigarettes before will be able to try it with a thirty day guarantee. Also, for the year after buying it the battery can be replaced. If it isn’t working, they will replace a maximum of three batteries per month, and past one year it may be replaced if customers can prove that they have recently made a purchase for their electronic cigarette.

Also, it is easy to order these, and there is customer service available with an online chat allowing them to get their purchase finished easily. Customers have said that they are very pleasant and polite. This is a unique type of electronic cigarette.

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