V2 Cigs Review

V2 Cigs started their company in 2009. It is a very popular type of electronic cigarette for many different reasons. Their customers are very satisfied with the type of electronic cigarette that it is, and they return for more on a regular basis.

It is reasonably priced, and the starter kit comes with a car charger, an AC adapter and 10 flavored cartridges. For these reasons, it is a popular choice for many people that are trying to quit or have quit smoking. Since it is a vapor cigarette, it doesn’t give off any odor, and people are able to smoke it anywhere, including around children. Since many people have responsibilities that they must attend to, the V2 electronic cigarette is something that they have with them at all times.

Another popular feature of the V2 electronic cigarettes is that they come with five different levels of nicotine. As a person wants to wean off of the nicotine, they are able to set it to different levels, making it much easier for a person to quit regular cigarettes completely. This is a plus for the V2 electronic cigarettes, and it is a positive selling point for many smokers. If they can control the amount of nicotine that they receive, they feel that they are in much better control of their smoking habit.

There are a variety of flavors that a person can choose from when they purchase the V2 electronic cigarette. Since it is up to a person’s specific taste, they will like the options that they will have. They will have a variety of different flavors to choose from, and they will be able to pick from regular or menthol. Since every smoker has their personal likes and dislikes, this is a real positive point to the V2 electronic cigarettes.

The battery life of the V2 electronic cigarette is more than adequate. A person can purchase them in two different forms. The regular type offers a smoker around 200 puffs, and the one that is a higher amount offers 300 for their pleasure. There are many people that like this option when they want to purchase an electronic cigarette.

Using the V2 electronic cigarette is something that many people are gravitating towards. Since it rivals the competitors, it is fast becoming one of the most popular kinds on the market due to its reasonable price and great offerings.

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